Cardiff £10 initiative goes beyond the city

An initiative that encouraged people to spend ten pounds for a good deed has inspired people outside of the city. Author Richard Armour is keen on organising a similar initiative in Bristol. 

Richard Armour tweet edit


Filmmaker Matt Callanan left ten pound notes in random locations around the city, requesting people to spend it for a good cause and not on themselves. Clues about the location of the notes were given on social media. The event, held last Thursday and Friday, has impacted people beyond Cardiff.

Further, a tweet by Callanan said a woman planned to hide ten pound notes in her village over the weekend.

Matt Callanan - village woman edit


Tanveer Mann, a journalist from London, used her own ten pounds on heated t-shirts for refugee men in Calais, France. She thinks such an event would be successful in London. She has never visited Cardiff, but says it sounds like a “warm and friendly” place.

Callanan himself used ten pounds to buy a Lego set for a Syrian refugee child, and flowers for a “lovely woman” who shared her story with him.

Karen Cooke, who works at Cardiff University, says, “I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to see that (the initiative) spread further and wider across the UK and across the globe!” She donated ten pounds of her own and used it to buy chocolates for Student Volunteering Cardiff.

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