Cardiff a capital of Creativity

Artists and organisations in Cardiff are promoting Cardiff as a capital of Creativity.

Local-based artists in their attempt to create a thriving comics market have put together a Cardiff Comics Carnival. Organisers say it will help local artists reach new fans, as well as boost creativity as a whole in the city.

Josh Hicks, one of the organisers and a Cardiff based comic creator who marketed his comic, “Glorious Wrestling Alliance” book at the event says : “It’s difficult, we are not making enough but for the time being, what we can do is just try and keep doing good work and bringing people together.”

The carnival showcased small press comics, such as Big Brown Eyes and SimonL.ReadComics, along with illustrations from Ellenstration.

Organisers see this event as part of the wider creativity in Cardiff.

Josh Hicks showcasing his comic books. Photo: CNP.

Lauren Berg, an illustration student in Cardiff, was among the visitors to the exhibition. She says “It’s really important to push local artist, people undermine their work and sell it really cheaply when there is a huge market for it.” Hence she concluded that, “events like this get you to do it.”

The Cardiff Comics Carnival exhibition. Photo: CNP.

Cardiff Council’s effort and initiative to expand creative job opportunities in the city, working with Creative Cardiff lists more than 1,500 creative jobs, says Kayleigh Mcleod, Communications and Engagement Manager.

She says that Creative Cardiff, which launched in partnership with Cardiff University and Wales Millennium Centre back in 2015,  exists in order, “to better understand, enable and engage the creative community here.” 

“One of our aims is to make Cardiff a capital of Creativity.”  She explained that even though creative marketing has been achieved in Cardiff, there’s a lot of creative economy that happens here that people just don’t know about.

The next step of  local artists’ initiatives and organisation like Creative Cardiff is to boost awareness, stresses Kayleigh Mcleod. She adds: “We exist to shout loudly,” in boosting creativity in the economy.

According to the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts or NESTA (UK), creativity is driving economic growth across the UK. The foundation’s aim is to track and create one million new creative industries jobs between 2013 and 2030. 

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