Cardiff University to cut down 380 jobs.

Video: Shot & Edited by Priya Vasu

It has been confirmed on Monday that Cardiff University will curtail 380 staff members over the next five years. The decision came after the 21 million pound deficit was revealed in December.

An email was sent to staff members earlier this year by the Vice Chancellor stating that the application for redundancy will be voluntary. This has placed lecturers in a vulnerable situation.

The main reason for the job cuts is because it is expected to bring the university back to surplus again by 2019-20. However, the transformation programme that the university is hoping to bring positive changes, such as, date science and environmental science, did not sit well with employees who worry about their future prospects.

A representative from the academic staff union believes that if the cuts goes through, they will be taking action.

‘There is already concerns with the health and well-being of staff, so by cutting them off and adding more workload to the ones that stay will cause even more problems than the ones we face’, said Renata Medeiros-Mirra, University and College Union officer.

She further added that there will be board meetings set up with the Vice Chancellor to discuss and stress on finding an alternative to the matter in the next couple of weeks.

Not only will this have a major effect on staff members, but also students. The Cardiff University Student Union is now concerned that this could harm them. This is because, with less lecturers that means less students, and that can cause fewer applicants to apply to Cardiff.

The Vice President of Postgraduate Students, Jake Smith said, ‘while the student union understands the universities financial burden, but it should not affect academic progress of the students’.

With that said, academic unions are voting to go on a strike by the end of March if the cuts are made within this month.


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