Cardiff welcomes a new Museum

The Museum of Military Medicine in Aldershot photo: David Hawgood.

The Museum of Military Medicine in Aldershot photo: David Hawgood.

Cardiff will be the new home of the Museum of Military Medicine, which will be relocated from Keogh Barracks, in Aldershot, to a new site in Cardiff Bay. The Museum will bring to the Welsh capital the collections of the four corps of the Army Medical Service and will share with the public the story and development of military medicine. 

The Museum Trust, after considering different sites such as Liverpool, York and Belfast, chose Cardiff to host the Museum and started to raise funds in order to finance the project. The original plan was to renovate the Old Cardiff Bay Railway Station, however, the Trust couldn’t acquire the building, so they decided to build a brand new block, opposite the Railway Station.

Pat Thompson, Cardiff City Council Senior Project Officer, has collaborate with the Trust for almost eighteen months. “The choice of Cardiff is principally due to the enthusiasm the Trust got from the city. The City Council and the Welsh government were very supportive and this was very important, as it allowed the Trustee to buy the land next to the Cardiff Bay Railway Station, after the negotiations with the owner of the Station failed”.

The Trust has planned to move the Museum since 2010, in order to gain more national visibility. “The Keogh Barracks have always been our spiritual home,  as there is a strong cultural link to that area. Our biggest challenge was to find the right place for our new facility” said Col. Philip Hubbard, Museum of Military Medicine Trustee chairman.

The construction work of the new Museum is supposed to be finished in summer 2020 and the estimated cost of the entire project will be around ten million pounds.



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