Cardiff’s first Poetry Festival

Photo by: CNP

Seren Poetry Festival took place in Cardiff over three days at the weekend. The festival showcased the artistic talents of poets from across Wales.

During the festival, which is the first poetry festival in Cardiff, audiences were treated to poetry readings, films, music, art and celebratory lunches bringing the poetic arts to life. The first National Poet of Wales Gwyneth Lewis was awarded great applause when she finished reading a poem.The festival’s other guest artists included Costa prize winning poet Jonathan Edwards. People who joined this festival were mostly older, with about a hundred joining the festival in each day’s events.  Welsh poet Dai George answered questions about the challenge of interesting a wider audience in poetry.

“I have a possibly naive hope that poetry can appeal to anyone with an open heart and open mind,” said George.

Gwyneth Lewis (left) with Dai George     Photo by: CNP

Poetry has had to adapt in this fast new era of social media like Twitter, which uses very few words. Gwyneth Lewis thinks each generation has to find their own speech. Poetry has never been as a majority activity and you wouldn’t expect it to have a million of followers. But she says it’s a question about expectation and she believes poetry still has its unique status. She said:” the words of a poem are heavier than normal words. So, presumably, they travel further as well. There is always a need for permanent speech, a less temporary speech, that’s the job of a poet.”

The festival also showed public several styles and topics of poems.

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