Cardiff’s trash as a source of energy


Trident Park Energy Recovery Facility Photo by CNP

Waste in Cardiff could finally serve a productive role. Cardiff Council is discussing to implement a strategy of burning non-recyclable waste to produce green energy to heat buildings. If approved, the cost of the underground pipe network is estimated to reach £26.5m.

Research shows the scheme might save 5,600 tonnes of carbon each year, with a presumption of a 5% saving on energy costs for the buildings that connect to the network.

Professor Nick Jenkins from Cardiff University says Wales should have done it along time ago like other European countries.  He says most of the heat from burning trash is being wasted.  He believes the heat produced through burning non recyclable waste should be saved and used.

Trident Park Energy Recovery Facility Photo by CNP

An Outline Business Case has been made based on and funded by Central and Welsh Government to evaluate this project.

The district-heating network will cross large parts of the Bay area, the southern edge of the city centre and finally end in the western parts of Newport Road. It will be

The project will be using energy from Trident Park Energy Recovery Facility. Currently Trident Park ERF has contracts to burn non-recyclable waste from nine local authorities in South East Wales, including Cardiff. Buildings that connect to the underground pipe would no longer need to use gas to heat their property reducing energy bills and the city’s carbon emissions.

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