CeaseFishing in Weihai

In China, most of the coastal areas have their own different period of time when people stop fishing. Weihai is a coastal city in eastern Shandong province and it is a major seaport. The yearly summer CeaseFishing start from June and last for three months.

Fisherman. Photo: CNP

Fisherman. Photo: CNP

CeaseFishing time is not the only policy made for sustainable development purpose, there are rules that restrict the size of the mesh of the fishing net. Yet the latter one is not that accepted by people as the former one. On the one hand, people respect the policy, especially the fishing areas are under strict supervision, and the ones who go out fishing during these three months would face serious consequence. On the other hand, they also have their own concerns about overfishing.

Customers are selecting seafood. Photo: CNP

Yan Cong is a officer in Weihai municipal bureau of ocean and fishery, she expressed her concern over overfishing.
This is not only a problem concerns people who love seafood and if we don’t do this seriously, it’s highly unlikely that the only outcome confronting us in the future is that people are not gonna get any seafood. What we need to always keep in mind is that the resource that ocean could provide is limited and if we don’t do ‘give and take’ but only endless exploration. There would be consequences, and the best case scenario is that there is nothing left for us, for the next generation. If worse, the whole biological chain would be ruined, which in turn would endanger ourselves, the mankind.

Xiyan Li has been a fisherman for over 4 decades, he talked about his understanding and favor in CeaseFishing. And what surprised me was that almost all the fisherman support this and only some of the citizens expressed their objections to this policy.

The yearly summer CeaseFishing will start from 1st of June, until 1st of September.

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