Chip Shop has 21 days to appeal

Jury Hotel, Fish and Chips Shop

Jury Hotel is located upstairs Fish and Chips Shop. Photo: CNP

 A restaurant had plans to be the first 24- hour fish and chip shop in Cardiff, U.K. The Cardiff Council had considered their application on 23 January, but the matter was adjourned recently and the decision will be made later. The shop has twenty one days to appeal.

Parc Lane Fish and Chip shop which had applied to Cardiff Council to extend its licence for alcohol serving from 11 am to midnight. However, the residents living nearby had raised concerns that if the changes were made, it would make a negative impact on the increasing crime rate, noise disturbance and general disruption in mid-night. The objections raised were mainly concerned with the rise in the anti-social behaviour, from the additional hours sought for the sale of alcohol and late night refreshment.

City Council’s Licensing Policy states that the applicants are expected to have taken the wider local concerns and issues into account when establishing appropriate conditions to meet the licensing objectives. Cardiff council’s licensing sub-committee cannot overlook its own saturation zone policy to grant a licence. Since the local police authorities have also objected the matter due to the increasing rate of noise disturbance.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Photo: Alpha (CC)

One resident living near the Fish and Chips Shop said, ” It gets loud sometimes at night. Some guys can’t basically handle their drinks and it’s all chaotic.”

The Fish and Chip Shop is still unsure whether to appeal for the further approval of the license or not.

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