Christians protest against abortion for Lent

Forty for life protestors

Members of the 40 Days for Life group. Photo: CNP

A group of Christians will be protesting outside a Cardiff abortion clinic until the end of Lent and a pro-choice group will be demonstrating at the same location. 

40 Days for Life are a pro-life Christian initiative that started in the USA. Their aim is to stop abortions. The Cardiff branch of the movement are holding prayer vigils outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service on St. Mary’s Street. They will be standing with banners and placards from eleven to four every day.

Forty for life protestors

Tia Gibbon is the woman holding the sign. Photo: CNP.

For those working in the clinic, the protest is unwelcome. Abigail Fitzgibbon, the Head of Advocacy and Campaigns, says that such protests are very distressing for women coming in to the clinic.

Abortion Rights Cardiff are a pro-choice group that have been protesting against 40 Days for Life. They say that closing down such clinics will make it hard for working class women to get abortions, as they cannot afford private doctors.

Tia Gibbon, a member of the abortion rights group, says there are many reasons to get an abortion. Some people may not have the money to raise a child, and partner abuse may also be an issue. The latter was her personal experience. She says her boyfriend would brutally beat her even while she was pregnant at the age of 19. She thinks she and the child could have been killed by her then-boyfriend if she had had the baby.

Janet Thomas heads the 40 Days of Life prayer vigil. She is a member of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. It believes that abortion is wrong in all cases including rape, incest, disability and fatal fetal abnormality. She says that they are in fact helping women since she believes abortion has a negative effect on them. She speaks from her experience of losing an infant. She says that she felt responsible for the death of her child even though it was not her fault. She thinks that the pain must be worse for those who have deliberately ended their pregnancy.

40 Days For Life will be demonstrating every day until 20 March.

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