Combine all walks of life in Cardiff by Iftar Party

This Tuesday, an Iftar Party was held in front of the City Hall on the lawn. As one of the most important event to break the fasting in the daytime, it encouraged people from all the areas, races and communities participate in to work together or just enjoy the party. 

Volunteers from different communities in Cardiff prepared lots of food and drink for the Iftar, including pizza, sausage, curry and rice.

Photo: CNP

After the prayer hummed for the food and the leaders of communities gave speech for all the participants, the event began. Not only Muslims but also many other people such as homeless got the food and ate them with happiness.  “The food was delicious,” said the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Dianne Elizabeth Rees, “I didn’t intended to eat as much as I did, but the chicken curry was nice and hot, it was lovely.”

When asked the reason of holding the party to contain so much people, the organizer Cllr Ali Ahamed supposed that it is essential for Muslims to share and do the charity during Ramadan and in their daily lives.

Cllr Ali Ahamed, Photo: CNP

According to Ali Ahamed, Muslims doing the Ramadan to experience the pain of people from all over the world. Their empathy urged them to donate and help human despite their races, nationalities or religions.

When it referred to the situation that some media reported Muslims in bad ways, Ali said, “Those people who do those terrible things, they’re terrorists, they are not Muslims.” Ali told us, with the boundary of Muslims, they regulated themselves and tried best to meet the word “saving one life is saving the whole humanity.”

Photo: CNP

In the party, people chatted and made friends with each other, it is really a good chance for then to share and convey the ideas of fair and anti-racism. There will be another party held on Sunday.

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