Construction of Cycling lanes a safety concern

Cardiff Council in a bid to promote a cycle-friendly environment has invested in the development of cycling lanes to ensure a safer cycling experience and encourage motorists to switch to cycling.

The construction of a cycling lane in popular student locations like St Andrew’s Cresent and Woodville, Cathays is now under development.
This development which is costing the council¬†¬£10 million is part of a 15-year plan the council has in place to make Cardiff more cycle-friendly by constructing five “cycle super-highways”.

St Andrew’s Cresent: CNP

Because of the ongoing construction work in these areas, there have been increased traffic and some pedestrian walk-ways and footpaths have been blocked off. Some residents have expressed concerns over this.

Jason Green, the Supervising Officer for the project, believes that traffic and blocked off pedestrians walk-ways are some of the inconveniences residents will have to endure for the duration of the work.

“Obviously, some people have had issues with traffic. It always happens, it’s road work. There’s always going to be traffic implications”, he said.

Source: CNP

He however assured the public that network management and environmental health organizations have been notified and measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of residents.

The construction of the cycling “super-highway” which is set to be completed by the 8th of October is part of the council’s integrated network to life plan which strives to promote a greener Cardiff by encouraging cycling.

Source: CNP

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