Craft Fair in Cardiff

Craft  Gallery in Cardiff bay Credits CNP

There is a gallery in the Cardiff bay which often host programmes of national and international exhibits. Yesterday, the craft fair in that gallery was cancelled without advanced notices.

The Makers Guild in Wales was formed to bring together and promote the best of Welsh craft talent in 1984. The gallery is located on the LIoyd George Avenue in the Cardiff, opposite to the Wales Millennium Center.

Outside of building Credits CNP

The gallery held  some workshop activities in the Cardiff bay, such as the introduction to Persian language and calligraphy. Also, they were speaking about  how to make jewellery. However, the event was cancelled because only 4 people bought the  tickets.

Art Works Credits CNP

Inside the gallery, there are many different  exhibitions portraying different craft works, paintings, jewels, etc. Even most works were really beautiful, only a few people come there to witness it. People often come to the gallery by accident, without noticing that there are held different workshops and activities. The gallery provides the public with an opportunity to interact with beautiful crafts, and hopes visitors love enjoying looking at the work can be creatively inspired by the works of art.

Finest art work Credits CNP

The manager Simon Burgess said, most people might go traveling somewhere on Sunday, so he felt positive for this situation. Moreover, he introduced the exhibition with a happy face, he likes all of these exhibitions. Because all of this make by melt, silver,steel. The important thing is these exhibitions create by hand,and he is really proud of it. He said in the interview: ”they will hold another event in May and welcome people from Wales to visit.”


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