Cyclists give their views on ‘superhighways’

A consultation meeting for Cycle Superhighway network was held where people could interact directly with the council members. This project would provide safer routes for the cyclists. But at the moment the roads can be dangerous for them to ride on.

Cycling is one of the most used means of transport because of its environmentally friendly and keeps health in check. However, there is limited space for cycling and the existing roads are considered to be dangerous for some cyclists. They believe that it’s not just the construction of roads that causes this issue but cyclists also blame drivers for not putting their safety first.  They highlight problems such as speeding, overtaking, and signal jumps.

Cycle Superhighway Network blueprint Photo Credits- CNP

Gwenda Owen, the chair member of Cardiff Cycle City, has been riding her bike in Cardiff for the past twenty years. She has witnessed not just the changes on the roads but also in the attitude towards cyclists. She believes that educating drivers to be more sensitive towards the bikers can make a huge difference in their safety. She argues that when child cyclists grow up to be drivers, they would know the problems cyclists face and would respect their fellow two-wheelers.

The issues reported by these cyclists are being looked at by the Council now.  They are developing proposals to build a Cycle Superhighway network across the city. The infrastructure for this project involves millions of pounds and could take more than three years before cyclists could actually use the new routes. The plan is also aiming to encourage more people to take on their bikes and change their routine. The five superhighways will be in operation next year, crossing from city centre to many areas, including Cathays, Adamsdown, Cardiff Bay, Llandaff, Riverside and Ely

Map for Cycle Superhighway Network Photo Credits- CNP

The Council wants people to give their suggestions either by attending consultation meetings or by signing up online.

The five planned routes are:
Superhighway 1: City Centre to Cathays, University Hospital Wales, Heath High Level and Heath Low Level Rail Stations, and North East Cardiff Strategic Development Site
Superhighway 2: City Centre to Adamsdown, Newport Road retail parks, Rumney, Llanrumney and St Mellons Business Park
Superhighway 3: City Centre to Cardiff Bay
Superhighway 4: City Centre to Llandaff, Danescourt, and North West Strategic Development Site
Superhighway 5: City Centre to Riverside, Ely, and Caerau.

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