Drop Cannons at the Welsh Open 2018

Photo: CNP

The 2018 Welsh Open started today in Motor Point Arena in Cardiff. The professional ranking snooker tournament will be running  until Wednesday where 128 players will be fighting for the prestigious title. The tournament forms part of the Home Nations series along with the English Open, Northern Ireland Open and Scottish Open.

Snooker has its roots from 140 years ago when an officer in the British Army came up with the game after being experimenting with a billiard table. Nowadays, the game has become a competition for prizes like the one in the last 2015 World Championship, £300,000. According to World Snooker, that year the game was witnessed by around half a billion people.

In Wales, the most important association of snooker is ‘The Welsh Billiards and Snooker Association’ (WBSA). A significant number of tournaments have place in this association throughout the year, for different ages groups. WBSA ranks competitions which bring to the players the opportunity to represent Wales at different international events.

Photo: CNP

However,  small snooker clubs such us Savoy Snooker Club in Barry help the new generation players to improve their skills and concentration while they at it. For that, there are some coaches who give different advises and techniques about snooker. An example of a coach, is Anthony Davies, an ex professional snooker player, who played in the Welsh Open in the 90’s and now teaches every Saturday in Savoy Snooker Club.

John Farrugia, an amateur player who has been taking lessons from a coach for a while, explains that when he started to play many years ago “there were more clubs” so, now “is more difficult for the new generation players to improve their technical skills”.







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