Encouraging kids to play outdoor

Family day out at the park. Photo: Ella87 (CC)

Some parents in Cardiff have been encouraging their kids to play outdoor. This is done to both cultivate and or improve their physical and mental health, especially when the school holiday has begun.

One parent, who regularly try to spend the day out with her kids at least once day, was seen teaching her kid to ride a bike in the open air of Bute Park. She shares that, “Getting vitamin D, keeping active, and it means they (children) generally eat better and sleep better,” explained the mother of 3 kids. “So physically it’s good for them and their mental health as well,” she continued.

Another parent says that bringing their child outdoor in the open air of the park, give them space to run around and interact with wildlife, which he explained to be, “really good for their imagination.”

With spring blooming warmth in the air, outdoor activities for children can be found in the park, starting with this year’s family friendly RHS Flower Show scheduled for tomorrow (12 April).

Preparations for RHS Flower Show. Photo by CNP.

“We’ve got a potting strawberry plant (workshop for kids) this year because we have found that when children can learn to grow their own food, it teaches them how to do the gardening and also what the benefits are in so many ways,” the Manager of the RHS Flower Show, Anna Skibniewski-Ball informed.

Anna Skibniewski-Ball at the site of Bute Park. Photo by CNP.

According to a two-year-government-funded research reported HuffingtonPost found that in England, more than one in nine children have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for 12 months the least.

Hence, events such as the RHS’s Flower Show or simply a family day out at the park is important to have in order to tackle the problem above.

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