Environmental worries about Cardiff Airport

In the air. Photo: CNP

Some residents living near Cardiff Airport are concerned about the Airport Masterplan believing it will bring about more noise and air pollution.

Last year, Cardiff Airport launched expansion and development plans for 2040, hoping more airlines to expand new routes in Cardiff over the next two decades.

According to the masterplan, the Airport proposes to update the facilities in order to serve more than three million passengers annually. In addition to building a brand-new terminal hall, a cargo terminal and a 4-star hotel, the plans include extending the runway, which is unpopular for some people who live in the Vale of Glamorgan.

James Turner is an Aviation and Environmental Specialist with a local group called the Vale Communities for Future Generations (VCFFG). They are among a number of stakeholders dedicated to providing a better environment for future generations. Mr Turner says many residents nearby would be affected a lot due to the plans, especially the residents in Cowbridge, Flemingston, St Athan, Colwinston, and Bridgend.

Mr Turner says, “As we understand from the Airport Consultative Committee meeting with the airport in March. The chief executive says there is no plan to extend the runway at this time. Please note this statement is at this time. You have to consider that residents will live under the prospect of sometime in the next 21 years.”

”If the runway is extended, aeroplanes will fly lower over the houses on the final approach,” he says, adding that it may cause damage to houses.

New Runway Extention Photo: VCFFG

Currently, there are about 18 airlines using Cardiff Airport as can be seen on the website. In January 2019, Cardiff Airport released an annual report of 2018 stating, “Cardiff Airport has delivered a further 8% growth in passenger numbers and welcomed more than 1.58 million people through Wales’ National Airport.”

According to Climate Action, “Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Furthermore, noise pollution remains a severe issue as well. For instance, according to The Aircraft Noise report published by the London Assembly Environment, the levels of noise disruption for residents near London Heathrow and City Airports are “unacceptable”.

Some people say that although it may be hard to stop flying for business people, they can choose to fly greener. For instance, they could take more fuel-efficient advanced aircraft.

Cardiff News Plus has interviewed one first officer of Boeing 787 Dreamliner from mainland China. He says if passengers can choose more advanced planes with less fuel consumption, it is good for our environment. For instance, instead of taking older and less fuel-efficient aeroplanes, they can fly with more fuel-efficient advanced aircraft, such as Airbus 350 and Boeing 787.

“The Boeing 787 is the latest Boeing aircraft which is recognised for being lighter, faster and with less fuel consumption,” he says.

Cardiff News Plus has contacted Cardiff Airport Consultative Committee, but there is no response yet.


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