An exhibition on Illness and disorder in Cardiff.

Pictures on display at the event. Photo C: CNP

An art exhibition about bipolar disorder and depictions of manic depressive illness from the 19th Century is taking place at Insole Court in Cardiff.

The exhibition, named Drawing Bipolarity, is the debut solo exhibition for South Wales artist, Cerys Knighton. She used dot and line techniques, primarily through pointillism to create her art, also inspired by her own experience with bipolarity over the years.

One of the pieces was based on Alice in Wonderland, while at the same time inspired by the artist’ experience on suffering from bipolar disorder from a very early age, being unaware about what was happening with her mind. One of the aims of this exhibition is also to raise awareness, as many time mental illness are not portrayed accurately through the media.

It is estimated that in Britain one in four adults will experience at least one diagnosed mental health problem, while 16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness, according to mental health research charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health .

The exhibition will be on until 16 February, from 9 to 5pm.


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