Fighting youth crime through boxing

Filmed and edited by Stella Azom

An amateur boxing club in Butetown is using the sport to help reduce crime rates in the Community.

By instilling self-control, self-discipline and respect for others through boxing, Tiger Bay amateur boxing club hopes to engage the youth in the community in resisting the appeal of gangs and turning them into good citizens, not violent thugs.

According to the South Wales Police website, violence and sexual offences are the second most committed crimes in Butetown with a percentage of 19.73%. The top most committed crime is antisocial behavior with 25.66%.

Studies have shown that martial arts and boxing, if carefully taught, are excellent ways to end criminality.

Wasem, who is the President of Tiger Bay says, “amateur boxing club is hoping to achieve the same in his community”. He hopes to instill discipline to the kids through the sport.

He added, “The training in this boxing club helps them keep healthy. Also by working together as a team, it helps instilling discipline in them. They don’t end up in the street intoxicating themselves as this keeps them busy.”

He told us, that at the moment he has about 100 young men registered with the boxing club and the training session takes place 3 days a week.

Wasem Said the President of Tiger Bay Amateur boxing club.

13-year old Adnan Mohammed who has been training with the club for the past 6 months told Cardiff News Plus that the training has helped him respect other people.

” Boxing has made me more humble, as now I am able to know how weak and strong people can be.” says Adnan.

Adnan Mohammed

Wasem says that the young boxers pay £5 per week to help with the rent. He has called upon the Cardiff Council to support initiatives such as this, so as to help reduce crime rates in the area.

“The council should come and see the difference we have made in their lives and see how dedicated they have become due to the training we do over here,”added Wasem.

Bute Town Councilor Mr. Saeed Ibrahim told Cardiff News plus that already plans are underway to set up permanent sport facilities in the area so as to help initiatives such as the one done by Tiger Bay Amateur boxing club.

Saeed Ibrahim, Councillor, Butetown. Picture: Cardiff News Plus

“Multiple departments of the council are looking to see how we could have permanent facilities for boxing and gymnastics. We are looking to see what facilities  we have and grants  that are available in order to have a sustainable long term plans for young people in Butetown.” says Mr. Saeed.


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