Five year focus on climate change

Dr. Susie Crate Photo:CNP

An American Anthropologist who traveled to parts of the world for five years to see the effects of climate change is in Cardiff. Dr Susie Crate created a film capturing her journey which will be shown today at the University of South Wales.

The film titled ‘The Anthropologist’, follows Dr Crate and her daughter Katie within five years as they work with people who struggle to fight the effects of climate change in Siberia, the South Pacific, the Andes and the Chesapeake Bay. Dr Crate who is an American says she was disappointed knowing the political debate around the issue and seeing first-hand effects in areas she went to.

“The biggest challenge was knowing the projection of what’s going to happen and the frustration of my government not treating this seriously as something  we need to create effective policy and and act.”

Around the world there have been growing concerns about climate change and its effects, with protests and campaigns intending to draw the attention of governments to the problem. In Cardiff, some people believe they can see the effects and are doing what they can to fight climate change. Some believe the weather changes are as a result of climate change and that recycling is one way  to help save the planet.

Despite individuals doing what they can, Dr Crate thinks without the cooperation of governments much cannot be achieved.

“We have all kinds of energy to be at zero carbon energy today the fact of the matter is our species is ridden with greed and corruption which has placed the oil, gas and coal lobbies in the front row. It is an extremely political issue we are dealing with in terms of the source of climate change and the solution. So without strong movements to turn around our governments and to create policy to  effectively address we are not going to be able to do much”

Dr Crate says she wants to bring the reality of change to people by allowing them to see how lives are affected by it.

But she says people need to recognize climate change as a moral and ethical value by thinking about other people on the planet and taking action. Her film is being shown as part of the South Wales University’s Symposium themed Storytelling and the Environment.

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