Free clothes stall for the homeless


Julia Harris  Picture: CNP


Two sisters have organized a pop-up stall for the homeless next Saturday. Julia Harris and Sarah Valentin wanted to help rough sleepers on the streets of Cardiff. The event will be organized in collaboration with The Street Store, an initiative of The Wallich, an organization which works to improve the lives of homeless people.

Jan Balsdon, Head of Community Partnerships at The Wallich, said: “As a charity, we work hard to make sure that homeless people are given the same opportunities as everyone else. It’s not just about giving people a roof over their heads – we want to help people rejoin their communities and become active members of society once again.”


Picture: CNP

“The Street Store offers the chance for a real shopping experience that many homeless people wouldn’t otherwise get, and the benefits go beyond just choosing a few new items to wear. Picking an outfit is something most of us do every day without really thinking about it – it can be a way of expressing yourself, which can improve self-confidence and self-worth.”

The sisters found out about Street Store on social media and decided to set up their own event. Street Store is an international event that sees local communities set up markets for homeless people in their area. Anyone can apply to hold an event, where donations of clothing are dropped off at a volunteer-run stall. They are then displayed for homeless people to browse and collect. There have only been two Street Store events in the UK to date – in Manchester and Kent – and this is the first event to take place in Wales.


St. Mary Street Picture: CNP


Members of the public are invited to donate items of clothing at St Mary’s Street on next Friday, before the Street Store opens for business the following day. As well as waterproof coats, warm jackets and hiking boots, donations of good quality casual clothing and footwear are also welcomed.

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