Green spaces to commemorate war heroes

The memorial in Grange Gardens. Photo: CNP

Alexandra and Grange Gardens in Cardiff are could become green spaces to commemorate the sacrifices of the war heroes, especially from WWI.

The project ‘Centenary Fields’, aims to preserve parks which contain a war memorial and other green grounds to commemorate the fallen. Alexandra and Grange Gardens could later be in this plan and protected legally if Cardiff council enters into a legal agreement after a public consultation closing tomorrow.

“The lands will be protected as public spaces in perpetuity so it essentially restricts council for using lands for any purpose, and future generations will always get access to those parks, relax and have fun”, says Rhodri Edwards, the manager from fields in Trust Cymru. He says the programme has lots of benefits to the public and preserving green parks is good for our environment.

“They filter pollutants and dust from the air and trees can provide shade and reduce the high temperature in the city”, he adds.

Salman Aiman is from Sudan, and has been living in Cardiff for 17 years. “My kids were born in Grangetown. It becomes my community now and we like to be here. It is a good project, and personally, we would like more green spaces, not only in Cardiff but in Wales.” Mr Aiman says.

Robert Huggins is a resident living and working around Alexandra Gardens, “I think it should be protected legally. It is a very important park because people go to the park to enjoy fresh air, have fun and chat with neighbours.”

The memorial in Alexandra Gardens. Photo: CNP

Local residents are encouraged to participate in the public consultation and give their opinions about the programme. Cardiff Council will announce an agreement after the consultation, which will end this Friday.



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