Greener Grangetown Planting Event

Photo by CNP

Thousands of shrubs and plants have been put into the rain gardens located at Taff Embankment. A Community Planting Event was held by Greener Grangetown on Saturday 17th February.

Greener Grangetown is a project to improve the rainwater problem and environment by cleaning and diverting rainwater directly into the River Taff and make Grangetown a greener and cleaner place to live.

The project covers Aber St, Abercynon St, Bargoed St, Blaenclydach St, Coedcae St, Clydach St, Cymmer St, Ferndale St, Llanbradach St, Taff Embankment, Taff Terrace and Ystrad St.

Filmed and edited by Li Jiarui

Construction work is being carried out by ERH Communications Ltd and the engineering consultants Arup undertakes the study for Grangetown. Beginning in November 2016, the scheme is scheduled for completion this spring.

At the community planting event, participants took part in the planting, organisers talked with participants and explained more about the scheme.

Photo by CNP

Christopher Ellis, the designer from Arup, says: “It is improving the local environment a lot for future generations, and water management is an important part of that. It’s a very important project itself but also leading the way of how we should be doing things within our cities to improve how we manage water.”

Photo by CNP

As work continues, a greener Grangetown will be expected and the community look forward to enjoying the benefits of this green initiative.

Photo by CNP


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