Homeless people get free clothes

People looking at piles of clothing. Photo: CNP

Homeless people were able to collect clothes donated by Cardiff locals at the weekend. Sisters Julia Harris and Sarah Valentin hosted the event and helped distribute the clothes.

Dozens of homeless people came to the Street Store on St. Mary Street to collect clothes such as warm jackets, hiking boots and jeans. Mumtaz Khan, a homeless person, said: ‘it is a fabulous idea.’ Simon Davies is a Tesco manager who spoke on behalf of his customers and staff, many of whom donated brand new and used clothes. He said that though he had never been homeless, he thought it was a great idea to take part in the event.

St. Mary Street lined with racks of clothing. Photo: CNP

Julia Harris and Sarah Valentin are owners of Sustainable Studio. ‘We are passionate and are trying to reduce clothing waste,’ Julia said. ‘People are connected with giving something. If you ask people to donate, you’ll receive a welcome response.’ The success of the event has meant that the two sisters hope to expand it and continue to hold similar events in the future.

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