Unusual weather signals climate change

Jeremy Segrott(CC)

A number of organizations in Cardiff are planning to meet to address the impact of climate change.

A draft plan is being drawn up called “Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Wales”. The draft says it aims to estimate the future of storms, stronger winds, and heavier rains becoming more common. The consultation will be closed on March 4.

They held a meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss how they can work together to tackle these problems.

Pat Gregory, who is an activist from Extinction Rebellion says, “On one side, what I want to be doing is to be working with the Welsh Government. I think we’ve got an opportunity, so I want environmental organizations to work together with politicians here.”

She also thinks that the government and organizations are on the same side of the problems, and organizations will support the government to do what they need to do but also keep the pressure on the government.

Louise Gray is another activist from Extinction Rebellion. She thinks individuals should also be active. She says, ”It is individuals’ responsibility to participate in that progress of thinking about it and holding on the government to account. That’s what we need to do. We need to be active citizens.”

Environmental activists think it is the government’s responsibilities to make people aware of climate change. But integrating individuals, organization and the government is still remains a big challenge.

Residents in Cardiff say that they have noticed the unusual weather this year.

They say it is warmer this year compared with last year, and trees and plants also appeared earlier in the year.

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