Increase on sugar tax to prevent obesity

Sugar Tax – Photo: CNP

From April 6, an additional 10 Pence has been added to the cost of every drink containing sugar. This has been introduced to tackle the problem of obesity in the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Government will consider banning fast food outlets near schools.

A combination of a bad diet often including fried and processed foods with sugar has led to an increase of both adult and childhood obesity. The government wants to reduce the problem by putting a tax sugar in drinks that is hoped to improve people’s health.

Doctors are often overwhelmed with patients suffering from problems with their weight, but obesity can lead to other health issues. Certain medicines, including some corticosteroids  medications for epilepsy and diabetes and some medications used to treat mental illnesses – including antidepressants and medicines forschizophrenia– can contribute to weight gain.

“When we do surgery, some patients are obese, we even couldn’t lift him, that is a big problem for us”, Dr. Rui Ge  says.  A part of British people disagree with that, because rather than increasing the price of sugar, it is better to cut down sweet food.

It is hoped these measures will lead to healthier lifestyle for young and old people.

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