International Radio Day

BBC Wales. Picture: Cardiff News Plus

Yesterday, the world  celebrated international radio day. It was proclaimed on November third 2011 by UNESCO’s 36th General Conference after originally being proposed by the Kingdom of Spain.  

Following a request from the Spanish Radio Academy on 20 September 2010, Spain proposed that the UNESCO Executive Board include an agenda item on the proclamation of a World Radio Day.

UNESCO’s Executive Board approved the agenda item in its provisional agenda for the proclamation of a “World Radio Day” on 29 September 2011.

Walid Kandil with Donna Zammit. Picture: Cardiff News Plus

In Cardiff, many radio stations have celebrated this day. Donna Zammit, the head of radio Cardiff, said that the international radio day is very Important. She quoted “We should celebrate this day with full enthusiasm. I feel everything worth should be celebrated.” 

She confirmed that radio plays a significant role in people’s life. “Personally, I see that radio care about minorities.”

John Jones, editor and radio presenter at Xpress Radio station says “Radio is a part of everyone’s regular life. People listen to it while walking or even while driving the car.”

Reece Chambers, who also works at Xpress Radio had an offer to work on TV but he refused to the offer and said “I don’t think I can work in TV because I love radio so much. I think it shapes people’s opinions.”

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