Is March the Month of Bats? 


Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

A group of bat lovers from the organisation Made in Roath says people can do some very simple things to help build a bat-friendly environment

According to Bat Conservation Trust, from March, bats will begin to emerge from hibernation, and signs of limited activity can be seen and that small numbers start to feed as it gets warmer. 

“In the past, I can see bats in my backyard, but now, their numbers are decreasing. That really worries me,” says Helen Clifford, the project organizer.  

Made in Roath ran a series of bats-related activities to encourage residents to care more about the bats’ living situation and bats’ conservation.  

Made in Roath Photo: CNP

Based on Bat Conservation Trust, bat populations have declined considerably over the last century in the UK. Bats are still under threat from building and development work that affects roosts, loss of habitat, the severing of commuting routes by roads and threats in the home including cat attacks, flypaper and some chemical treatments of building materials. 

“Some people still have very bad impressions about bats,” Steve Lucas, says the Wales’ Bat Officer.

Helen says that bats play an important role in many environments around the world. Some plants depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds, while other bats also help control pests by eating insects. 

She also suggests, “People can do some very simple things, growing plants that insect friendly, so the insects can feed the bats. Putting out bat boxes and making sure their houses get bat-friendly environment.”

This Saturday a bat Cafe will be held in Roath. An officer from the Bat Conservation Trust will take part. Anyone who’s interested in bats can get more information there.

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