Junior Park Run in Cardiff


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Hundreds of children took part in the Cardiff junior park run yesterday. This was the third anniversary and was held yesterday in Pontcanna field Cardiff.  All participants were children aged  14 and under . The youngest participant was only 4 years old. This was a free public event.

At 9 am, volunteers of the Cardiff junior park run gathered in Pontcanna field to distribute tasks. 15 minutes later , children along with their parents joined them .  Some of them wore fancy dress to express their enthusiasm. Some children received their rewards before the park run. After that, volunteers led them to warm up. In the end of the run, volunteers would high five to those children and gave them encouragement.

Photo by CNP

One of the volunteers Stephen Wood said that it is meaningful for children to take part in running activity . He said  that this park run is not a competition but an experience of participation.

The organizer, Samar Small, hoped to encourage children to do exercises and stay healthy. Also, she said that this event can bring a lot of benefits to children, both physically and mentally. In addition, children could increase their confidence and gain a sense of achievement after they finished the run.

After the event, there were also many children still doing exercises with their parents. This activity is not just about running but also give people positive attitudes towards everyday life.


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