Kite making for Palestine

Kites made in the event Photo: CNP

People in Cardiff joined an event of kite making  and flying skills to support people in Gaza, asking for freedom and peace.

Gaza is a densely populated strip of land that is mostly surrounded by Israel and peopled almost exclusively by Palestinians. Israel used to have a military presence, but withdrew unilaterally in 2005. It’s currently under Israeli blockade.

Map of Gaza.Phone:Google

Last Saturday, Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign hold an activity to teach people about kite making at the Cathays Community Centre. The workshop was not just for fun but also was an opportunity to increase awareness towards the situation in the strip of Gaza.

Kite making workshop Photo: CNP

Jackie Shellard, a member of the campaign, says she joined this event because she really wants to change the situation in Palestine: “There are more than five million refugees that landed in Palestine who have been forced out. We want to tell the world about this and we need to do something to let them go back home.”

Jackie Shellard, member of Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Photo: CNP

During the event, the movie Flying Paper  was screened. A film which tells the uplifting story of Palestinian children in the Gaza strip in the run-up to the world record-breaking event for the most kites ever flown, showcasing the creative resilience of young people making and flying those kites despite the hardship in their lives.

Susanne Konig.Photo: CNP

Susanne Konig, one of the attendees, took her daughter to join this event and both of them really enjoyed it. She says they are making kite because the children in Gaza are doing kites, this is one of the main entertainment for them and the only thing they can do at home which is very safe.

Another member of the campaign, Linda Jensen says according to the history reason,  people in Britain should take more interest in Palestine. ‘British has a responsibility to do what we can to put that right.’

The kites were made on Saturday. The next event will be a chance to fly them in early summer – in solidarity with Palestine.

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