Lego Safari animals in Cardiff.

The brick exhibit proved to be popular at the Cardiff Bay. Photo C: CNP

The Great Brick Safari presents LEGO bricks in a whole new light, demonstrating the power of creativity. There are 12 featured models of animals which are on public display, free of cost at Mermaid Quay, until February 25. The models are made up of more than 600,000 bricks and the crowds are flocking to see them.

 Lego bricks are designed in such a way that they can be stacked and linked with each other in countless combinations. Lego the name is a contraction of “leg Godth”, a Danish phrase meaning Play well. Lego in Latin also means “I  assemble”, which is a great description of the toy. The primary aim of the toy is that a new model can be constructed every day.

Elephant took six people a total of 1,600 hours to create using 270,000 bricks. Photo: CNP

Four people 140 hours to create using 31,150 bricks. Photo: CNP

The Great Brick Safari was brought by Bright Bricks an Independent Lego building Firm. The new arrivals have been on display for the first time in Wales. The other animals featured in the exhibit were an Ostrich, a Crocodile, a dazzle of three Zebras and two Hyenas. The lion was a great hit with the children, as it was the only animal that they could actually touch. It proves that Lego remains one of the best toys ever, appealing to children and adults alike.

The Hyenas took four people a total of 160 hours to create using 46,500 bricks. Photo: CNP

The lion was at open display in the exhibit for children Photo: CNP


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