A march for women’s safety – #MeToo.

The march spreads the message that women need not be afraid anymore. Photo C: CNP

Women in Cardiff marched out on the streets on last Friday night, demanding justice for victims of rape and sexual assault.

NUS held the “Reclaim the night” walk, which took place on the Queen Street to spread the message to all the women, to not be a target of perpetrators and that they should be able to walk on the street at late night, without any fear or reality of violence.

Gwyneth Sweatman, the Organiser of the event. Photo C: CNP

“We hold the event annually to call for anti-violence against women.” , said Gwyneth Sweatman, the Organiser.

She states that 60% of women, who are University Students have been through some kind of Harassment. She said that the local police authorities have warned women time and again to stay at home during the night, while the Protesters demand to be able to walk freely and safely on the streets at night, and seek justice for victims of rape and sexual assault.

Chisomo Phiri, one of the protesters, talked about her scary experience of being followed home at a night out , ” Yes, women don’t feel safe at night.”

Participants in the March. Photo C: CNP

Around 6 o’clock, the participants gathered at National Museum of Cardiff, making placards and then  silently walking towards the Queen Street, where all kinds of  Protesting activities took place. The event peacefully ended around 9 o’clock . Jake Smith, a participant, told CNP, “I’ve had a lot of fun, There are speeches , poems and also some serious messages. I really enjoyed it.”

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