National No Smoking Day

Photo Caption: Philippa Willitts CC

Photo Caption: Philippa Willitts CC

The 8th of March is known as National No Smoking Day in the United Kingdom. It brings health awareness among the smokers who want to quit smoking.

In data of 2013, smoking costed more than £790 million and recorded almost 5,500 premature preventable deaths in Wales. Currently, there are 19% of smokers in Wales and data from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) suggests two thirds want to quit smoking.

Vicky Boreham, from Cardiff said she started smoking cigarettes seven months ago and now have switched to e-cigarettes for health reason. “It seemed like easiest option to replace it”. “I needed to stop smoking and still maintain the habit of going outside and doing something without tar and everything going to my lungs”, says Boreham. 

Likewise, David Hughes is “trying to kick the habit” after he started smoking eight months ago, when he lost his wife. He is also trying to cut the costs.

For people who have tried everything and failed, hypnosis could be their option.

This annual campaign aims to reach out smokers of all types- whatever their age, sex or social class to help spur people to kick the habit.

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