New bins as a recycling strategy

Filmed and edited by Yingjun Zhu.

Black bins on Cathays Photo: CNP

Three thousand homes in Cardiff will be a part of a trial for a new system of dealing with rubbish and recycling. They will get new black bins for non-recyclable waste and a separate collection for glass in the next few years.

For example, Cathays, residential area in Cardiff has a problem with rubbish bags which are ripped open by birds and other kind of animals. This results in scattered waste across roads.
Providing bags instead of bins to residents costs the City Council more than £500,000 a year. They say moving to wheeled bins will help deliver savings and keep the city street tidier.

Currently, glass is collected in green bags and mixed with other recyclable materials. It also costs the council £500,000 a year to process the glass and crush it for use in building the roads.
People who live in Cardiff seem to be interested in how their rubbish will be recycled after they throw it into bins.

Rubbish bags Photo: CNP

Nishigandha Karpe  lives in a shared flat in Cathays. She wants to know what will the authority do to the collected rubbish after it is disposed off. Meanwhile, Tianze Wu, a resident who live in a house complains about the stink of the garbage in summer. They believes new strategy needs to be done to solve rubbish problems on time, when summer is coming, the situation will become worse and the air quality will be influenced too.

On the other hand, some residents do not know how to recycle and classify according to the rule. As a result, staff at household waste recycling centers have plan to set up ‘education stations’ to help people recycle as much as they can from their general waste.  Is there any chance for Cardiff to become one of the leading cities in the world for recycling? It need more time to answer.

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