New Taxi Policy to Improve Air Quality

New policies on taxi licensing are being considered to help  improve the environment in Cardiff.

The policy will suggest that for the first licensing application a vehicle should be under 5 years and meet Euro 6 standard.

The Euro 6 standard is a directive set by the European Union that puts strict limits on exhaust emissions.

According to the Cardiff council, the policy is included in a future funding bid which will cost Cardiff council and Welsh government £32m to reduce pollution levels.

Photo by: Thomas Loyen

However, the policy is unpopular with taxi drivers.

Mathab Khan, the leader of the Cardiff taxi driver association said,” Unfortunately, it’s a very bad policy. We can’t afford it, because the business is very bad. And I’ve already raised the objection to it.”

Mathab Khan, the leader of the Cardiff taxi driver association. Photo: CNP.

In response to the taxi driver, our reporter went to Caro Wild, the Council Cabinet Member responsible for planning and transport to ask him about the policy.

“That is something we are currently consulting on. We know that a lot of the air pollution in Cardiff is caused by the old taxis we have around the place,” said Mr. Wild, “But potentially we will put together a grant system to support taxi drivers so that they can make the change to clean more modern vehicles.”

Caro Wild, Council Cabinet Member for planning and transport. Photo: CNP.

Since the policy is still under planning, we will see what actions the Cardiff council do in the future.

Meanwhile, a number of public events have been planned for everyone to leave comments for the air pollution plan in the future. Citizens can ask any questions and search more information on Cardiff council’s website.

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