No Adverts on Cardiff Street?

Sion Elis Williams Photo:CNP

A campaign called Adblock Cardiff is calling for stopping outdoor advertising and reclaiming public spaces. Campaigners think it’s about time to make Cardiff a happier, healthier,and calmer city.

Sion Elis Williams, founder of Adblock Cardiff, hopes that big outdoor adverts on the street can be removed and be banned.

This campaign follows a similar one in Bristol, which has succeeded in banning 11 new outdoor adverts over the last 18 months.

Williams claims that Cardiff also has the same problem as Bristol and those big digital billboard adverts in Cardiff are distracting and invasive.

He says: “There’s no choice there about whether not you see it. So I might not even realized that I’m absorbing the messages from those adverts. For me I think they are very damaging to our self-esteem” .

Digital adverts on St Mary’s street

Cardiff News Plus randomly asked four people in Cardiff on the street who said that they seldom noticed these adverts on the street and they didn’t think it’s a big concern for them.

According to Williams, he says the first step for this campaign is to let people know the harmfulness of outdoor advertising.

“You might see thousands of adverts a day and not even remember any of them but at some basic level they are shaping the way we see the story. So I think when people grasp what’s going on inside all of our minds, we are better in a position to make decisions.”

James Robinson, who’s working for an advertising agency thinks outdoor advertising is unavoidable and important to the economy, and a better idea is to improve it rather than banning it.

He says: “People, if they feel there’s an ad that has been misrepresented or it’s doing something wrong, there’s somewhere that they can go and report that to and they know that will be investigated.”

James Robinson Photo:CNP

Adblock Cardiff now has set up a petition for the campaign. They believe it’s in line with the Well-being Future Generations Act, and they say banning all street ads would bring long- term benefits to Cardiff.

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