‘Outing the Past’–LGBT+History event

Photo by: CNP

People shared their personal experience of being  lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender at an event of LGBT history month called ‘Outing the Past’. It was held at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Prof. Jeffrey Weeks, Photo by: CNP

Prof. Jeffrey Weeks specializes in LGBT history.  He made a speech called ‘Queer Boy From The Valleys’, sharing his personal experience as a gay man born in the Rhondda who became a Gay Liberation Front activist later.  He said it is impossible nowadays to ignore same sex activity or gender variety, because people are more open-minded compared to the past. It was a really hard time during the 1950s and 1960s when government held a hostile attitude towards LGBT people. ‘I realize that it is a long term change’ he said.

Photo by: CNP

He also suggested people need to find out their identity as early as possible. Even though LGBT now is more acceptable, it still needs huge courage to come out. He shared a story of a lady who joined this event who said she had just come out to her son at the age of sixty. It had taken almost all her life.

Jane Traies, one of the members of LGBT, who is researching the lives of old women who are lesbians. She said it was a really meaningful event: ‘If we do not have the history, we don’t exist. I hope it could encourage more people like me.’

LGBT history month runs throughout February and more activities will be held in Cardiff.

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