Part of park to close for improvement

Part of one of the most beautiful park in Cardiff will closed for four months from next week. The Cardiff Council had released a plan to improve the Parc Cefn Onn. However, there are different opinions between residents and officers after the policy about the improvement. Residents think that the park needs to be preserved more than improvement. The officers give a clearer explanation about the improvement and preservation of the park.

Parc Cefn Onn Photo: CNP

Residents nearby like to walk their dogs or have morning exercise in this park. Referring to the improvement and closed place in the park, most of the residents supposed that it will be a good change for the park. However, some of them are worried about that.

Dr. Abbott,who comes to this park to walk his dog everyday, considered that the park should be protected rather than improved: “I don’t think the facilities need to be upgraded. The park should be what it is now. The old trees and paths need to be restored.”

A park project office in Cardiff Council is in charge of all the parks in Cardiff. Jonathan Gagg, an officer from that department gave an explanation and reply to that worry: “We have already had a team for protecting all the trees and environment in the park, but this project is different. We got the money from National Lottery, and will only be used in a small part of the park.”

The improvement project will start from 4th of February, and last for about four months. How will the project help Cefn Onn Park to change and improve will be seen after that.


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