People March for Changing the Planet

Filmed and edited by Zichen Wen

People from South Wales are marching to London to raise awareness of climate change, but also to demand government’s actions to change the current climate situation. 

The original idea of Earth March from the organisers Extinction Rebellion was to walk from Cornwall to London. But when the plan was discussed, they received support from other cities in the UK who wanted to participate.

Photo: CNP

Emma Knight, who coordinates the Earth March in South Wales, says she was inspired by people’s action from other places in the UK and she hopes Wales can be involved in.

“Time’s running out and somebody just needs to do something. When I spotted what they were doing in Cornwall and they were starting to think about marches from elsewhere in the UK, I really wanted to be involved in Wales. And when I went to my local Extinction Rebellion meeting and we started talking about it, there wasn’t anybody that was willing to put the hand up and say ‘Yeah, I’ll lead it’. So I put my hand up.” She says.

Emma Knight Photo: CNP

Apart from being an organizer of the march, Emma Knight is also one of the marchers. She has walked through four cities, from Swansea to Cardiff. She says she really enjoys the journey.

“It’s amazing. It feels so good to just be out there, trying to do something and be with people that are minded. It’s uplifting because sometimes you get in such a dark place when you’re thinking about climate change and how much action there is. It’s just nice to be there with other people and trying to make a difference.”

Debbie Leigh Photo: CNP

Debbie Leigh, who takes the mission to lead the group from Cardiff to Newport, says her motivation of joining Earth March is her deep worries about climate change.

She says, “I feel really fearful for my children and their future. I’ve actually asked them not to have children because I feel really frightened about what they might be experiencing as they come closer to potential environmental collapse. I feel I need to do something and it’s just a small thing that I feel I can actually do myself.”

Jenny Rathbone Photo: CNP

When marchers gathered in Cardiff Bay on their way to Newport, National Assembly member Jenny Rathbone, who comes from Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee talked with the marchers and showed her support for their cause.

“We need to make sure that everybody realizes that there is a climate emergency and therefore everybody needs to change,” She says, “It’s a really important way in which they’re taking these issues to the ordinary people and to make everybody more aware.”

Photo: CNP

Marchers will merge with another group in Bath this Saturday to continue their journey to London. They hope to see more people join and give support to them. The coordinator says it’s all about save our environment and believes it’s a pilgrimage for the planet.

They’re doing this march as part of International Rebellion campaign. The march will last for half a month, and a demonstration will be held for climate emergency in London on 15th April, the organizer says.

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