Cat & Lynx: Pole dancing twins in Cardiff

Cathryn Davies and Lynsey Davies are horror writers who found the love of pole dancing. They are twins from Cardiff and attend classes at Dance Fitness three times a week to dance and teach pole. 

As they were growing up, they both found it hard to fit in society and were diagnosed with depression and anxiety. They found pole dancing to be their therapy and way of motivating them to do something when they are feeling down or lazy.

“Because we want to be good at pole dancing, it helps us focus on our flexibility at home rather than sitting on the couch. It drags our mood up basically”, said Lynsey Davies.

Left: Lynsey Davies; Right: Cathryn Davies

Not only has this made the twins feel better, but it made them grow out of their comfort zone by meeting people and not caring on what the society thought of them. Due to minimal clothing pole dancers wear, it has also made them feel confident about their body shape because of the support of other pole dancers.

“In the beginning we both wore a lot of clothing and only used to show our arms. When we started pole dancing, in our first class we went in like our training suits, and you can’t do that. Your skin needs to stick onto the pole so that you can move around and do the moves. So, we really grew out of that fear and now wear much less clothing while pole dancing with full confidence”, said Cathryn Davies.

Photo by: CNP

However, pole dancing to some people might not be a type of ‘sport’ or even ‘art’. The dance did originate from an exotic type of dance, mainly available in clubs, but now, it has become a sport that woman and men turn too.

The Davies twins added that in modern sports, we see gymnasts and track runners wearing less clothing. But, when a girl is seen with little clothing and there’s a pole it turns into a different story.

Even though pole dancing is a controversial topic and there are misconceptions about it. It has helped and paved a new pathway for two girls who felt unwanted and insecure in society.

Photo by: CNP

Both sisters are taking a professional exam to become pole instructors and will start entering competitions as a couple later this year.

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