Post-Brexit scenario for overseas students

Britain is home to thousands of European and international students. But with the Brexit process set to begin soon, what is the future for these students? 

Omani Ambassador with a student at the Omani Open Day

Omani Ambassador with a student at the Omani Open Day Photo: CNP

Omani students are among the many international student communities in the United Kingdom (UK). They recently held an event in Cardiff for Omanis graduating this year. They said Brexit would have little impact on the flow of international students. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Fateshi is an undergraduate student who graduates this year, and says Omani students will benefit from the drop in the value of the pound.

Shaikh Abdulaziz Al Hinai, the Omani Ambassador to the UK, was at the event. He said Britain’s status in the European Union (EU) would not hurt international students.

Currently, EU students pay the same fees as UK students. However, there is a chance that EU students will have to pay the same fees as non-EU students after Brexit. This uncertainty might make European students think twice before choosing British universities in future.

Aurora Bolletimare, an Italian student on the Erasmus programme at Cardiff University, says an increase in fees will deter European students from coming to the UK. Anthony Stonestreet, a British student who lives in France, says Europeans might countries like Netherlands or Denmark if there is a hike in fees.

Recent figures show there’s already been a five percent decline in EU applicants to British universities. Some EU students have raised concerns about their fee status. Professor Mohamed Loutfi is the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He says some EU students have raised concerns regarding their fee status.

Prime Minister Theresa May will process will trigger Article 50 next Wednesday, commencing the formal negotiations for Britain’s separation from the EU. It will be two years before international and EU students receive clarity about their future in the UK.

Anthony Stonestreet

Anthony Stonestreet at a cafe in Cardiff University Photo: CNP


Camera and Editing by Nivedita Chatterjee

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