Reaching out to student carers

Students who care for family members, beside coping with academic demands often come under emotional pressure says Gareth Davies, Student Support Advisor at Cardiff University.

The seminar hold at Cardiff University Photo: CNP

There are more than 300 thousand young carers in the UK, According to the Office of National Statistics. Only a small portion of them are formally recognised by social services says Mr Davies.

A seminar organised by Cardiff University today found that fear of bullying and mistreatment are some of the reasons student carers are reluctant to reach out for assistance. Although carers are resourceful and undemanding, they often have to juggle one too many responsibilities.

“Their mental pressure is often underestimated and if left unchecked could leave serious consequences on them. Sometimes it impacts their academic performance,” says Mr Davies.

At Cardiff University the student support team have created dedicated contact lists for students who are carers of others. To date more than 200 have signed up for help this academic year.

Elinir England, Student Support Advisor of Cardiff University Photo: CNP

“Bursaries, and support with careers and employability, are among the offers of help available for student carers,” says Elinir England, Student Support Advisor of Cardiff University.

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