Protest against plans for quarry in woodland

Video edited by Pan Pan

Residents of Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly have gathered at Senned to protest against plans to build a quarry on an ancient woodland in the area. 

The residents hope to raise awareness on the necessity to preserve the privately owned area, locally known as “the canyons”. It’s used regularly by people since opencast mining stopped in 1962.

Residents Protest the building of quaries

There are plans proposed by the land-owners Peakman Limited, who seek to remove millions of tonnes of sandstone from the Canyons, which is near, near Pontypool.

The plans include building an access road through woodland for up to 100 heavy good vehicles per day.

Hywel Clatworthy, who was part of the campaigners said, “There is a completely blue lake. Lots of people get out to the town and go there to relax.”

The Canyon Photo: Linda Stemp

Another campaigner, Hazel Clatworthy, said that the reason why Torfaen council rejected the plan is that it will damage the woodlands. ”So we are waiting for the planning inspector to publish his report, making his recommendations, and its the Welsh Government who makes the final decision.”

Alun Davies, the local Assembly Member, said, ”We will do different things in the future. We will ensure our children grow up in a clean environment and not one which is marked by destruction.”


In 2017, Torfaen council rejected the plans, but Peakman Limited appealed the decision.

A public inquiry was held in January this year, but the Welsh Government hasn’t released the results of the inquiry yet.

More than 2200 people have joined an online Facebook group called “Residents Opposing the Quarry” to campaign at protecting the ancient woods and its regenerated biodiversity.

The residents say the woods needs to be left, to further flourish for all, especially, for future generations.

As they await for the results, some residents said they will continue to protest the plans on social medias and remind the government of the importance of the canyons.



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