A resolution for stroke survivors


Participants in 5K Resolution Race Credits: CNP

According to NHS Wales, stroke is still one of the top three causes of death in Wales. The Stroke Association Wales has been in Bute Park to raise awareness about Stroke in the UK. To achieve this, they have been running the 5 K Resolution Race.

A recent report from Welsh Government shows, the number of stroke survivors are increased by 6% since 2011. There is an improvement in Welsh hospitals’ treatments to stroke patients. This improvements are related with patient care, which include effective pre-assessment of stroke patients.

For instance, the report shows, this kind of patients receive now quicker access to brain scans upon admission to hospital: the percentage of people receiving a CT scan within 1 hour in Wales has increased from 41.6% in 2015-16 ti 50.6% now, in line with guidelines of Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

People gathering in Bute Park before race Credits: CNP

The Stroke Association Wales explains that around 7,000 people have a stroke every year, while nearly 65,000 people are living with the long term effects of it. The association works to improve services for stroke survivors and their carers. It campaigns to give information about stroke, prevention, detection and treatments of strokes. For that, events like the Resolution Race, where the participants have not only to run and entertain themselves, but make a resolution for stroke survivors, help to raise the awareness of stroke in the UK. Thus, what’s is your resolution?


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