Running along Cardiff Bay

Hundreds of people took part at the weekend in a 10K run organised by Cardiff Bay Run and Run for Wales.  The event was held in collaboration with Cardiff and Vale College.

Bay run 1

The track at the Cardiff Bay Run Photo: CNP

The run was a beautiful start to the bright sunny day. It was a perfect opportunity for people to experience the Bay area in fantastic weather.

Nia Evans, a lecturer from Cardiff and Vale College, came along with her students. She teaches English to international students, and says events like this run help the students practise English.

The organisers say the event was about reinforcing the importance of a healthy lifestyle across all age groups. Matt Newman, the CEO of Run 4 Wales,  says the run was about encouraging physical fitness among all age groups. Newman participated in the family run along with his son who is just under five years-old.

The 2K family run was held before the main run. It gave parents a chance to encourage their children to be active and healthy. Daniel Turner participated in the event along with his step-daughter. “To be fair, she quite enjoyed the attention. She even hi-fived the policemen as she was running”.

A charity that spreads awareness about cystic fibrosis says sporting events help in promoting their work. They co-operate with Run for Wales. “We used to organise the run, but it got huge. So the organisers kind of took over the management.” says Holly Mattews, who works with the charity.

Running can make you feel better and keep you healthy. And if you are new to a city like Cardiff, it can you help you get to know it better.

Camera work by Nekesa Kimuna. Editing by Ruchira Kondepudi

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