Safety worries in St. Andrew’s Crescent

Pedestrians have expressed concerns for their safety from ongoing road works in Cardiff City Centre.

St Andrew’s Crescent is known to be a popular student area. The location is now under development to introduce new cycling lanes.

The expansion, which is part of the council’s integrated network to life plan , aims at ensuring a safer cycling experience for bike riders and promoting a greener environment.

Because of the construction, some pedestrian crossings and walkways have been closed or diverted. People have expressed concerns for their own safety.

Julia, a Cardiff student who resides close to the area thinks the ongoing works are a safety hazard and dangerous for those who cross. “Students have to cross the street in the middle of traffic and cars. I think it’s very dangerous”, she said.

Safety sign: CNP

There is also chatter online about the safety hazards posed by the development. A twitter user identified as Rhiannon Williams also expressed concerns and appealed to the council to put more safety measures to protect pedestrians.

Jason Green, the Supervising Officer for the constructions, thinks pedestrians – particularly students – have to be more careful and pay attention to the signs that have been set up.

“Everything is signed out according to the highway code, but students don’t like to go out of their own way to go around the diversions that are set up”, he said.

This development is one of many plans by the council to make Cardiff a city where cycling is a normal and practical choice for short trips for people of all ages and abilities. The proposed cycling lane is to run from the center of the city to the Heath High Level.

Photo by: CNP


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