Save a life with safety week

Today marked the start of the Butetown Safety week, an event that aims to raise safety awareness within the Butetown community. St John’s Ambulance catered for the event, and taught a range of basic life saving skills. The workshop this morning focused on how to help people involved in an accident.

The training offered by St John’s Ambulance, is in a bid to increase safety training awareness within the community. This is with hope that in the future, such training will be self-taught and non-reliant on ‘professionals’. Alex Gray, one of the organizers of the Butetown Safety Week, hopes that word of safety training will spread quick.

CPR Training is an important resource in an emergency. CPR administered immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival. When someone is non-responsive and not breathing or having abnormal breathing, that’s when CPR should be started. For people of different ages, CPR is administered differently. For a baby one must use two fingers. This is because when a child is born, their muscles and bones are still flexible, making it easy to injure them. For a child it’s one hand, and for an adult it’s two hands. This is because the stronger the patient, the more force required to assist them.

With the support of Cardiff Council, the costs of running these events are minimal. The events are free and that is meant to be an incentive for people to attend.

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