Say No to Fly-tipping

A local environmental group say in spite of improvements in the area to fly tipping, it is still an issue. Keep Riverside Tidy posted a tweet recently showing fly-tipping in Riverside and appealed to the Cardiff Council to cooperate with them to protect their living place.

Fly-tipping is an illegal act of dumping items next to a road, in fields, in rivers, or private land without permission. “Many other areas in Cardiff have a similar problem and we are working with the council to tackle it”, Keep Riverside Tidy said.  Councillor Iona Gordon who is the local councillor for Riverside said: “It is a problem across the different areas in Cardiff. It very often happens”, concluding that, “Fly-tipping costs a lot of money to get staff to go around and collect garbage.”

Councillor Gordon believes that residents may also be fly-tipping unconsciously when they see a dust heap and think it is a place for dumping waste.  “We mustn’t let the fly-tipping stay there because people will think that it is a good place to dump rubbish, she said, adding, “In fact, fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence.”

Dumped clothes. Photo: CNP.

Cardiff council has been taking steps to stop residents from fly-tipping. They encourage residents to put their recycling and waste out correctly for collection. The council also ensures that any waste collected from households is stored and disposed of legally.

According to the report of fly-tipping, people could be fined up to £50,000 if they commit a fly-tipping offence. The local council says it calls on the public to report incidences of fly-tipping on time, so they can clean up the rubbish and launch an investigation into those who committed the offence.

A staff member from Wasting Enforcement said that it has two vans in Riverside to collect fly-tipping every day, adding, “It’s difficult to educate the resident and ask them to stop fly-tipping because of the high population mobility.”

Although environmental groups organize volunteers to clean the Riverside regularly and the Council takes tough measures to solve the problem, both agree that the residents in Riverside need to take more responsibility to stop fly-tipping.

Wasting Enforcement picking up garbage Photo: CNP

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