Quiet week at St.David’s day market

A Welsh-themed market is running in Cardiff city centre this week. It’s celebrating the national St David’s day and provides an opportunity for small businesses, the organizer Craftfolk says. But what did the participants find different this year?

Exhibitors seem to have their concern this year. Janette Morgan, a crafter who also participate St David’s day market last year says it’s rather quiet this year.

Art & Craft Market. Photo: CNP.

She said, “I’ve spoken to other crafters and other people, and I think it’s the economy of the country. It’s because of this uncertainty with Brexit as to which way is going. So it’s on the ground scale. That’s why shops are closing in the city centre. It’s on a big scale.”

Janette Morgan Photo: CNP

There are also positive voices from exhibitors.who runs a small workshop in Cardiff, has participated in this event about 20 years. He says he understands people’s worries is about the business decline in the city centre. But as for the special market, quietness last week doesn’t worry him.

“This year, it’s pretty much like last year. The city centre is declining because the actual centre of the city is moved. So there’re fewer rugby games in this position. But overall, year on year, it’s pretty much the same.”

Mike Cole Photo: CNP

Emma Halford who’s a university student from Wales is now doing craft business with her colleagues. She took part in St David’s day market this year for the first time and she said, ” For us, we’ve done really well and I think a lot of social media has helped us bring people into the stall. So we don’t rely on the footfall outside the stall necessarily. People just came to visit our stall specifically.

Emma Halford Photo: CNP

This art and craft market will run until this Saturday 2nd March. According to Craftfolk’s website, all the stalls exhibiting on the working street, which is in the route of St David’s parade on Friday.

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