St. David’s Day Run raises funds for charities

A bunch of tired but happy daffodils at the finish line! Photo: CNP

Organisers of the St. David’s Day Run in Cardiff said they hoped to raise more than £50,000 for charities. Hundreds of people took part in the run. The funds will go to the Motivation & Learning Trust and Cancer Research Wales.

It’s the 14th year that Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT) has been running the race. Many people took part in the 1K race, which suits young kids as well. And many people participated in the 5K, and 10K races. In particular, MPCT had a number of students who had travelled from all over the UK to take part in the 10K run.

Huw Lewis 2

Huw Lewis is MD at Motivational Preparaiton College for Training. Photo: CNP

Huw Lewis, Managing Director of MPCT, said that the race was to get young people to take part in physical activities whilst also competing with each other. The run was supported by Motivational & Learning Trust (MLT), which it also raised funds for. MLT is all about supporting young people through tough time in their life.

Mr Lewis said the amount of money they can raise depends on the number of runners. He added: “The great thing we do is that we put every single penny back into the charity. There’s no paid staff on the charity. Everyone gives their time freely and openly. So we estimate it’ll raise between £50-60,000 on the St. David’s Day Run, which is fantastic and allows the students to have a fantastic learning experience that they’ll never forget for the rest of their life. It also supports young people in crisis as well.”

Craig Williams, a student at the military college of MPCT, said MLT helps him fulfil his potential. Craig said: “It’s great because it helps me towards my goal of being in the Royal Navy. The Motivational & Learning Trust has helped me massively as well as other learners across the military college by providing us all with the equipment we need. Just everything to get us prepared and ready for our military careers.”

Hannah Beadsworth 2

Hannah Beadsworth is a fundraiser at Cancer Research Wales. Photo: CNP

Cancer Research Wales (CRW) is another partner and charity for the run. Hannah Beadsworth, a fundraiser from CRW, is proud that this year is their 50th birthday. She said: “One thing that we’re particularly proud of with Cancer Research Wales is that a hundred per cent of our funding stays in Wales. And that it’ll all go towards Welsh patients, Welsh hospitals, and all different sorts of research just in Wales.”

CRW does projects with Bangor, Swansea, and Cardiff universities, and a fundraising project in Velindre Cancer Centre in Whitchurch, North Cardiff. Ms Beadsworth said they’re hoping to raise several thousand pounds from all of their supporters. All the money will go to a range of projects from £500 to a million pounds. It’ll be divided up into three topics – early diagnosis, cure and treatment.

Tired but proud – Carl and Jill Difford after completing the 5K run. Photo: CNP

Carl Difford, who took part in the 5K run, is a cancer survivor himself. He and his wife, Jill Difford, regularly run at an open park. They think it’s a good idea to go out both to enjoy themselves and to raise money. Cancer Research Wales is a great charity that has done lots of good work.

Mr Difford said: “Lots of people are really supportive to everybody around the course. They’ve been very supportive to me. And I’m keen that more money is raised so that people can have a better chance of getting over cancer in the future. Some people don’t make it unfortunately. I’m one of the lucky ones and I’m really grateful for the work they do.”

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