Strumming ukeleles for charity

Band coordinator Aeron Hughes (left)  leads the group. Photo: CNP

If the name George Formby rings a bell, then if you’re a ukelele player you’re in for a treat.

Enthusiasts from Wales and England will flock to Cardiff for the 6th Ukulele Festival this weekend for the annual charity event. This year Ukulele Wolves band, who are the organisers, hope to raise more than £650 to help children in need. The money will go to the Noah’s ark children hospital in the city.

The band coordinator, Aeron Hughes, told Cardiff News Plus that the event attracts a huge audience.

“There is a quite range of people who come to the festival every year. Many times people who join the festival are older because they get to spend more time with the instrument,”  said Mr. Hughes.

The band has 35 instrument players and meet at Wolf Castle pub at Llanishen every week to sharpen their strumming skills and practice songs.

“The ukulele is a very practical instrument for all ages. It’s fairly small, portable and can move it around quite easily to play compared to guitar that has 6 strings,” said Peter Morris, one of the band members.

He added that the ukulele is  also favored because it gives a humble vibe compared to other music instruments that are large, brash and often intimidating.


Ukulele Bands from South Wales, Mid Wales, the West of England and the Midlands will perform at St. David’s hall this weekend.

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